Letter to the Editor | Comments from reader repulsive

Letter to the Editor | Comments from reader repulsive

In Christchurch, New Zealand, an evil right-wing terrorist loaded with plenty of assault rifles decided to go on a murder spree, slaughtering 50 human beings, including children, one only 4 years old who, in his innocence, ran toward his murderer.

This evil right-wing extremist murdered these human beings only because they were Muslim and not white. He took the racial, ethnic and religious hatred so popular with right wingers these days to the the horrible extreme.

Here in central Illinois, Gustav Schupmann decided to write a letter attacking people horrified by the right-wing terrorist slaughter of 50 human beings as nothing but "bleeding hearts" exhibiting a "knee-jerk" reaction in being repulsed by the right-wing, propaganda-inspired terrorist executions of 50 fellow human beings.

The News-Gazette decided to give him space to spread the same kind of ignorant, hateful and evil bigotry that led the right-wing terrorist to kill in New Zealand. This is at a time when several local men are being tried for their own alleged mosque attack.

Schupmann should be ashamed of his naked religious bigotry at any time, but especially right after the right-wing terrorist slaughter of 50 innocent people.

Somehow I doubt he and some others on the right feel the slightest bit of shame or empathy for the 50 humans slaughtered in the name of their hateful, disgusting and evil bigotry.

Please remember all this when next voting to decide who will represent us today and tomorrow.