Letter to the Editor | Resident against annexation plan

Letter to the Editor | Resident against annexation plan

I am a resident of unincorporated Briar Cliff, and I, like most of my neighbors, do not want to and have not asked to be annexed to Mahomet.

We are collateral damage — a phrase most often used in war for innocent civilians or buildings being caught in the line of fire.

I think that unincorporated Briar Cliff is being annexed for three reasons.

1. Tax dollars from real estate and increased census head count.

2. We already have infrastructure (the village stated in a June 2018 meeting that it is careful in choosing subdivisions with little money to be spent by them when considering annexation).

3. We have an easement — for cars, bikes or golf carts — that could be used as the town develops further north on 47.

All three issues have a standard theme cost to Briar Cliff with a decreased value.

It is in Briar Cliff's interest to keep our streets safe. We have no sidewalks, and we have blind curves.

Life, not only quality of life, is at stake if additional traffic is routed through our area.

It is in our interest to pay no additional taxes for no additional services.

Municipality services would switch out current county services. Fire, school and library services are already included in our taxes.

So, we become collateral damage. To a state (per the mayor) that is funding only 55 percent of money due the village; to a village that wants easy tax dollars and head count and access options for town development further north on 47.