Letter to the Editor | You can't compare U.S. and Iceland

Letter to the Editor | You can't compare U.S. and Iceland

In a recent letter, Mike Woods expounded the virtues of Iceland as a socialist utopia. A country so socialist that it perfectly shames the U.S. as a woefully deficient capitalist oligarchy.

He compares a country of 385,000, 95 percent Caucasian, to a country of 327 million (third largest in the world) with great diversity of ethnicity and culture.

I think this land of immigrants with its mix of races and religion should be the model for the rest of the world, including Iceland.

Yes, Iceland offers medical care and low educational costs for its citizens.

But would they be able to offer these programs if they provided the majority of military defense for western civilization?

Who do you think Iceland would ask for help if ever threatened by another country?

What should we think of Iceland's immigration laws? If you wish to move there from a European Union country, not so hard as long as you bring a tidy net worth and an employer's certification of employment in a skilled occupation.

But if you are black or brown, a dishwasher or farm worker, you need only apply for a few temporary summer jobs.

Iceland is a beautiful country full of glaciers and waterfalls with a homogeneous people that welcome American tourism dollars.

So, enjoy the nightlife of Reykjavik and those alluring tours, but let's do a better job of comparing apples to oranges.