Letter to the Editor | Join group's effort to fight coal mine

Letter to the Editor | Join group's effort to fight coal mine

The proposed Sunrise Coal Bulldog Mine southeast of Homer and north of Allerton presents the risk of contamination to our farmland, ground water and drinking water in the area.

Many local residents and observers of the coal industry are concerned about long-term harmful impacts coal mining can have on our communities: contaminating wells and ground water, polluting air from dirty coal dust, impacting roads from heavy trucks and contamination from toxic chemicals that can leak from above-ground slurry impoundments to neighboring farmland long after mining has ceased.

Stand Up To Coal continues to work on behalf of local stakeholders concerned about the construction of a mine.

Recently, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources issued a permit for Sunrise Coal's Bulldog Mine. The next step in the process is our filing as a petitioner for an administrative review of the permitting process.

If you share our concern, please consider supporting Stand up to Coal.

Donations are needed now more than ever to pay for expert technical and legal advice, and we continue to welcome new members to Stand Up to Coal, 12867 130 E. Road, Homer, IL 61849; or online: standuptocoal.org.