Letter to the Editor | Adults need to be strong role models

Letter to the Editor | Adults need to be strong role models

Kids are soft these days. As parents, we want our children to succeed all of the time, even though we know life doesn't always cooperate.

We let our children grow up living in a euphoria, thinking everything is sunsets and rainbows.

It's time to teach and train children for the real world; it's time to teach grit and mental toughness.

We need to instill the grind and never-quit attitude in our youths, from the time they learn to walk until the day they walk out.

Life loves to teach lessons; sometimes we enjoy them, other times it's a challenge to try to push through life's wheel of adversity.

However, these are the times that show us grit and mental toughness. As the adults, we must first show our youths that it is possible to prevail through adversity and walk away feeling good instead of sulking in tears about how hard life really is.

So, I challenge you as the adult to practice what needs to be preached as an example for more than just your child, but all the children in your life who has a personal connection to you.

Be that role model that our future generation needs to see and mock. Let's all go out of our way to help them hone the skill until it is tattooed in their minds that quit isn't even in their personality.

With success, the need for grit is present.