Letter to the Editor | Athletics good for young people

Letter to the Editor | Athletics good for young people

When I was a senior at Chicago International Charter School — Longwood, I could have accidentally gotten hurt or possibly killed, due to a big fight, but basketball saved my life.

One day, there was a huge melee after school, and everyone rushed outside, like money was being thrown into the air. As everyone was running and jumping to get outside to watch the huge fight, I chose to causally walk to my safe haven — the school's gym. And as I was in the gym, I could only imagine what was going on out there, but as I came to find out later that day, an innocent student who didn't have anything to do with the melee was harmed.

Just think about it, if basketball was never a part of my life — not to sound self-centered — I probably would've been a part of the disturbance.

In our society, most folks view athletics simply as entertainment, but I believe that there is more to athletics than entertainment. For me, athletics can create lasting relationships, provide an opportunity to go to college for free and maybe save someone's life like mine.

Athletics kept me out of the streets from joining any gangs and just from becoming a victim of violence.

I believe we need to encourage the future generations to participate in athletics on how much good things can come from it, because much positivity can come from athletics, whether it's money, education or an opportunity to meet someone.

Athletics is a life saver.