Letter to the Editor | Legalizing pot will create dangers

Letter to the Editor | Legalizing pot will create dangers

I do not use marijuana, but I will be sharing the roadways with others who do — legally, if this latest bill passes.

In the state's rush to legalize pot, do we have guidelines for what amounts will be considered "safe"? Have we communicated to the public how much we can ingest without being under its influence? Have we determined the blood concentration level that identifies and defines the point at which we become "impaired"? Or will we not gather these statistics and develop a plan until after our citizens have died in cannabis-related driving accidents?

According to the Mayo Clinic and WebMd websites, marijuana causes slower reaction times, impaired concentration/memory, hallucinations, panic attacks, flashbacks and depression.

Are our police officers, emergency responders and health care providers/facilities equipped to deal with more of these occurrences? Will the state provide funding for more mental health services to combat these side effects?

What about the effects of marijuana secondhand smoke? Has anyone studied how this will affect the developing minds of our children and teenagers?

It seems that Springfield cares more about cashing in on this crop than it does about the well-being of our citizens. When our sons/daughters are in cannabis-related accidents, it won't be our politicians who are called to help. It will be our first responders, coroners, morticians, counselors and pastors who'll be called upon to serve our hurting families.

No problem ... let me guess ... the taxes paid on marijuana sales will pay for drug rehab programs, improving our schools and repairing our roads, right?