Letter to the Editor | Taxpayers should get an apology

Letter to the Editor | Taxpayers should get an apology

My husband and I were unable to have children. We've paid property taxes our entire marriage (35 years). A very large percentage of those property taxes go to the public school system. The same is true for families that send their children to private schools and home school.

The actions made by the administrators earning the level of salaries mentioned in a recent article and how those administrators took advantage of the system is appalling.

There are teachers who purchase school supplies out of their own pocket for underprivileged students. What's wrong with this picture?

Administrators who were aware and allowed this frivolous spending to occur should be reprimanded and pay back Unit 4 and apologize to the taxpayers.

I'd feel pretty ashamed if I were making $100,000 and using the system to buy my lunch, smoothies and personal gifts.

I wonder what those administrators complain about? Unfair treatment more than likely. Sad state of affairs.