Letter to the Editor | Don't be afraid to share problems

Letter to the Editor | Don't be afraid to share problems

People from the pinnacle of society down to the impoverished have something in common. Stress has an effect on the lives of every person in the world. It can help keep you from your obligations and cause nervous breakdowns, but what is stress?

Stress can be defined as anything in the external world that causes reactions in your body.

Hearing an emotional speech or being in a car accident could be defined as stress. Most people see stress as a strain on their lives. Does stress have to be that way? Stress is your body's reaction to outside stimuli, so you have the ability to manage it.

After extensive research in the field of stress, a common solution for stress is to share confidences. This can be seen with guidance counselors. However, I feel that having a friend in confidence is the solution to stress because you and this peer have a chance to unburden yourselves.

Stress is an ongoing battle that can't be pushed away with controlled drugs or alcohol. These substances simply delay the reaction for a later time.

Imagine the weight lifted when finally telling a secret you have had to keep.

Stress is your internal secret. Your worries and fears when kept inside fester and become an issue, and this weight must be lifted for a sound mind.

So long story short, you simply need someone to lean on in your life to help fight stress. Be it a spouse, friend or counselor, stress needs to be shared.