Letter to the Editor | Improve mental health services

Letter to the Editor | Improve mental health services

We need to provide more resources to those who struggle with mental illnesses, especially in an education setting.

We also need to take the mental health issues of students seriously and educate others on the severity these issues can have if the right resources aren't provided.

We need resources such as support groups, youth mentoring and outpatient treatment and have them easily accessible to the public.

Lack of accessibility is the main thing hindering these resources and often are too expensive for those who need them.

These resources can help the individual develop confidence, higher self-esteem and other important skills.

In the article "The Hidden Mental Health Crisis in America's Schools: Millions of Kids Not Receiving Services They Need," written by Kevin Mahnken, it talks about how most students suffer from mental illnesses and issues and how they lack the resources to make the proper improvements they need to make.

Not only that, most people don't realize the signs of mental illnesses and don't know how to treat them and/or don't have access to them. When mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression go untreated, their issues can only get worse, just like a physical illness.

Hence how important it is to have the resources to treat it readily available.

Not only will this be beneficial to those who do have issues, but it can be beneficial to those who don't. Because not everyone is the same, and we could benefit from having these resources being more accessible.