Letter to the Editor | Schools need to be gun-free zones

Letter to the Editor | Schools need to be gun-free zones

After the recent school shooting in Colorado, the issue of how to prevent more shootings is being debated once again.

Arming teachers is not the correct solution.

This policy fails to acknowledge the thousands of gun violence survivors who could be traumatized, not to mention the significant distractions caused by knowing there is a weapon with the capability to cause serious harm just down the hall from where you are trying to learn.

Arming teachers would distract teachers as well as students. A survey by the Washington Post indicated that 73 percent of teachers did not support Trump's policy on arming teachers.

If teachers who oppose this policy are forced to work with armed colleagues, this would distract them from their main job of educating students.

Teachers and administrators also face the possible psychological trauma of having to shoot one of their students or former students. Even if an individual is familiar with guns, being able to shoot a practice round is much different than potentially shooting a teenager that they know.

Instead of arming teachers, we need a solution that will keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. We need sensible gun control, including background checks for purchasing a firearm that look back more than a few years.

Schools need to stay gun-free zones.