Letter to the Editor | Health services are under attack

Letter to the Editor | Health services are under attack

I've always been grateful for Planned Parenthood. As students, my husband and I weren't ready to start a family. University insurance didn't cover birth control, but Planned Parenthood provided checkups and prescriptions on a sliding scale that we could afford.

At one checkup, my Planned Parenthood doctor discovered that I had cervical dysplasia. Her care allowed me to get early treatment and avoid cancer.

I was able to access this care because of Title X, a national program that ensures people of all income levels can get affordable reproductive health care, including regular checkups, birth control and cancer and STI screenings.

Planned Parenthood provides essential services to 41 percent of the 4 million people who depend on Title X. In many places, especially rural communities, they are the only Title X health care provider. In others, they supplement the work of community health centers, which do not have the capacity to serve all the Title X patients in the area.

The Trump-Pence administration's "gag rule" would strip these people of their health care. The rule makes it illegal for Title X health care providers to provide information about abortion. It targets providers like Planned Parenthood by blocking access to their services and imposing costly restrictions that have nothing to do with patient health.

Most importantly, it prevents women from getting full and medically accurate information about their health care options.

My Planned Parenthood doctor gave me life-saving care. All women, regardless of income, race or where they live, deserve the same.