Letter to the Editor | Too many lies have been spread

Letter to the Editor | Too many lies have been spread

Some uninformed Americans are failing to notice the emerging truth that the Washington establishment's "deep-state," the national socialist fake news media and the Democratic (Socialist) Party have been involved in a seditious political coup since the 2016 election.

Conservative, independent and Libertarian patriots must never forget the cynical hatred of these collusion truthers for both our U.S. Constitution and the democratic principles they hypocritically claim to embrace as they recklessly propagandized unsuspecting Americans with their damnable lies.

Unfortunately, these unapologetic political hacks are still mired in their smarter-than-thou arrogance given their complete lack of humility to date for their own part in mainstreaming their collusion hoax. I've yet to hear a single "liberal" or left-winger express their outrage at how their own liberal media and deranged leaders so easily snookered them for two years.

The unwillingness of these collusion truthers to accept full responsibility for spreading their conspiratorial lies about how "traitor Trump" was a "Russian asset" authorizing "rigged voting machines" and "stealing" the election from Hillary Clinton is a clear red flag to all decent Americans.

The radical left must be politically destroyed if America is to survive their future Machiavellian quest for more power over our lives.

Self-respecting Americans must never forget this epic betrayal by "liberal" progressives who mindlessly vomited their false Democratic and left-wing media talking points, even when counter-evidence was out there for them to find if they really cared about truth.