Letter to the Editor | Vote against evil in 2020 election

Letter to the Editor | Vote against evil in 2020 election

For the first year or so that President Donald Trump was in office, I thought he was just mentally ill and psychotic. He acted like no other president ever has, saying nasty, unconscionable things. Now I think he is also just pure evil.

He is threatening to collude with Ukraine to smear Joe Biden, or as Maureen Dowd of the New York Times put it: "A president who has spent two years battling accusations that he colluded with a foreign power to fix the 2016 election manages to wriggle off the hook. Just three weeks later, his lawyer unveils their 2020 plan: to collude with a foreign power to fix the election."

By the way, you can read the Mueller Report Executive Summary online, which says Trump did collude with Russia.

What amazes me is his support base, consisting of evangelicals and fundamentalist Christians, Wall Street millionaires and billionaires, rural people and farmers.

Except for the 1 percent, Trump has hurt these groups terribly. And I do not understand how Christians can support this man who abuses women, minorities, the infirm, immigrants, etc., and employs language and actions that would offend any respectable person, and lies every time he opens his mouth.

In the 2020 presidential election, Trump plans to fight as dirty as he can, which we have already seen can be very dirty indeed.

Now, he plans to get even dirtier. My God, save us from this evil.