Letter to the Editor | It's wise to look at Mueller report

Letter to the Editor | It's wise to look at Mueller report

R. Stan Marsh, in a letter published May 17, accused two previous writers, Kopera and Hudson, of "well-scripted anti-Trump buffoonery."

Rather than addressing their points, he proceeds off on a long list of unfounded insults so discouragingly common in the Trump camp today.

Since I am Kopera's husband (full disclosure), I plead to bias, but bias with facts. Given the deep gravity of a foreign power using social media and other tools to interfere in our elections, both letters argued that a close reading of the Mueller report (or at least its summations) is critical for all Americans.

Such a close reading (recommended to Marsh) reveals, among other things, that contrary to the president's outburst of innocence, there is a lot of evidence to question Trump's and the Trump campaign's relationship with the bad actors of Russia. And further reveals the machinations that Trump and his team used to try to quash the investigation, machinations they are now employing to thwart Congress' attempt to get to the bottom of this issue.

"Facts are stubborn things," as John Adams, second president of the United States, famously noted.

It seems to me that Kopera and Hudson were emphasizing the need to get as much of the full facts through reading the Mueller report as possible, as opposed to opting out for penny-ante rants so endemic for this president and these times.