Letter to the Editor | Help your students avoid the summer slide

Letter to the Editor | Help your students avoid the summer slide

Memorial Day weekend brings the start of summer vacation, but it can also be the start of the summer slide — a decline in a child's reading and academic skills that can occur when children are away from school for summer vacation.

Studies show that children who don't read during summer vacation can lose up to 25 percent of their reading ability by the time they return to school in the fall, making the transition back to school even more stressful.

Parents can prevent the summer slide by following a few recommendations from The Reading Group.

Reading to children and having children read aloud to you are great places to start.

Reading just six books over the summer can help keep a student's reading skills from sliding. Select books that your child wants to read and that are appropriate for their age and reading ability. Kids who like what they are reading are sure to read more.

Read something every day. Have your child help plan your vacation by reading about places you will be visiting over the summer to learn about the geography and culture of the area. This encourages children to read and learn while getting them excited about upcoming trips.

Math is another area that suffers in the summer months. Encourage family activities and games that involve math. Have your children help plan the budget or mileage for your summer trip.

Wishing you a happy and safe summer vacation that includes fun and learning.