Letter to the Editor | Politicians are ruining our state

Letter to the Editor | Politicians are ruining our state

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the state budget and other legislation into law with glee, as if he thinks that raising prices is going to save our dying state. This makes me laugh out loud.

About 45,000 people left Illinois from 2017 to 2018. And they're still leaving.

It's a no-brainer. Our Illinois politicians have made it too difficult to live here. Raising prices and fees isn't going to stop people from leaving.

Illinois is the most corrupt state in the U.S. But it'll never stand up to the plate and admit it.

Even the federal government is afraid of Illinois. That's why it doesn't come in here and clean it up.

I still can't forget that Illinois recently had two of its governors from both political parties go to federal prison and were incarcerated at the same time.

Here's a fun fact. Do you know that 30 Illinois aldermen have been convicted of crimes since 1972 to the present? It never stops.

Now Pritzker is being investigated for a toilet-removal scam to get a $300,000 tax writeoff. The last I heard is that he's blaming his wife for the scam. Will they be going to prison soon?

Abraham Lincoln made Illinois look honest. But I know now that he's rolling over in his grave after seeing what politicians have done to his state.