Letter to the Editor | Great support for Indian Acres

Letter to the Editor | Great support for Indian Acres

I enjoyed Tim Mitchell's article in the June 6 News-Gazette, "Indian Acres splashing into 60th birthday."

As a longtime member, I wanted to congratulate and thank the new owners — Joel and Lauren Morenz — for the great job they have done to keep the Indian Acres tradition going.

I wanted to also make a special note of recognition to Steve Tock. As the article states, "The Morenzes were denied loans to buy the place multiple times until they went to Hickory Point Bank, where senior lender Steve Tock, one of the original Indian Acres lifeguards, approved a loan for them."

Tock has been a longtime friend of mine, but I never knew this story, but this is no surprise to me. Those that know Steve, know he is a friendly, soft-spoken, humble gentleman of the highest integrity, never seeking or expecting the limelight for the help he has quietly provided to so many people.

Steve built his life around family and business values and principles from which he has never wavered. Instead of being obsessed with profits at the expense of ethics and values, Steve has always put his principles of honesty and integrity first as the foundation of his business reputation, and for that, the banks he has worked for have been no less successful and profitable.

Thank you to Tock and new owners for breathing new life into Indian Acres so that members can continue to enjoy Indian Acres for decades to come.