Commemorative Press Plates

Commemorative Press Plates

Purchasing Commemorative Press Plates

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How To Care For Your Commemorative Press Plate

The aluminum collector plate you are going to purchase is an authentic reproduction of the plate used to print that page of The News-Gazette on that day. Used press plates are generally collected by our manufacturer to be recycled.

As the plates exit the developing process, a razor thin coating of gum arabic is applied to prevent the aluminum surface from oxidizing. That coating alone should make the plate last for years with proper care. Follow the tips below to keep your plate in keepsake condition for many more:

1. DO cover the plate with clear mylar plastic or glass.

2. DO clean the surface of the plate, only if absolutely necessary, with plain water and a soft cotton cloth. Use a light, gentle motion. A simple dusting should be all that is needed.

3. DO NOT touch the plate with your bare hands as the natural oils on your hand will contaminate the gum layer of protective film that is over the entire plate.

4. DO NOT store it near any light source with ultra violet rays.

5. DO NOT store your press plate under books or in a stack of papers. Over time, the protective layer on the plate will act as a glue and your plate and the books/papers will be ruined.

6. DO NOT use any solvent-based cleaner or any window cleaner on the plate. The chemical reaction will cause the plate to oxidize immediately.

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