Just a few miles west of Champaign on U.S. 150, Mahomet is one of the fastest-growing communities in downstate Illinois.

Located adjacent to scenic Lake of the Woods Park, Mahomet offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including biking and walking paths, fishing and boating, the Hartwell C. Howard Golf Course and the Mabery Gelvin Botanical Garden.

Exhibits at the nearby Early American Museum focus on early agriculture, daily life, settlement and the growth and development of Champaign County.

Earlier this year a new public library opened on the community’s east side.

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Mayor: Debra Coffin Braunig, 702 Turkey Farm Road, 586-4434,
Village board: Patrick J. Brown, 711 S. Heather Drive, 586-1320,
Village board: Michael Perrigin, 114 McKinley, 586-6263,
Village board: Stephen C. DeReus, 1106 Sunny Acres Road, 417-2652,
Village board: Sean Widener, 503 N. Dorchester Drive, 586-7302,
Village board: Michael Tilford, 305 E. Frankin St., 586-3618,


Village administrator: Mell Smigielski, 586-4456, ext. 12


Lincoln Trail Elementary School, 102 E. State St., 586-2811
Mahomet-Seymour High School, 302 W. State St., 586-4962
Mahomet-Seymour Junior High School, 201 W. State St., 586-4415
Middletown Early Childhood Center, 101 N. Division St., 586-5833
Sangamon Elementary School, 601 E. Main St., 586-4583

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