Located midway between Champaign and Decatur, Monticello combines many of the conveniences of larger cities with some of the benefits of small-town life.

The community is close to the University of Illinois´ Allerton Park, designated one of the Seven Wonders of Illinois by the state Bureau of Tourism. The annual Allerton Trail Run is one of the premier running events in East Central Illinois, and the UI College of Music holds festivals at the old Music Barn.

Railroad fans can enjoy Monticello´s Railway Museum, which offers scheduled train rides nine months of the year. Thousands of visitors tour the city´s historic train depot every year.

Construction has begun on a proposed bike trail that will link Allerton Park with Monticello, Champaign-Urbana and Kickapoo State Park.

A new outdoor swimming aquatic center was built this summer at Burke Park.

The city has begun construction on a new 500,000-gallon water tower on the north side of town that will provide a ample supply of water for commercial needs at both interchanges on Interstate 72.

The city also purchased land on the west side of town for new ball diamonds, soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, a fishing pond, a playground and walking trails.

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Mayor: Chris Corrie, 412 N. State St., 762-2815
City council: Stanley Eades, 1009 Poplar Lane, 762-8209
City council: Tim Hayes, 1001 Poplar Lane, 762-2298
City council: Kevin Hiller, 1203 Edwards St., 762-2531
City council: Bill Mitze, 1402 Ridgepointe Drive, 762-2869
City council: Lyle Murdock, 416 S. Independence St., 762-2004
City council: Michael Brown, 402 W. William St., 762-9461
City council: Terry Cummings, 5 Foxhill Court, 762-8038
City council: Vince Kuetemeyer, 451 N. Fisler, 762-4069


Superintendent of city services: Floyd Allsop, 762-2583
Director of community development: Callie Jo McFarland, 762-2583


Monticello High School, 1 Sage Drive, 762-8511, ext. 1210
Monticello Middle School, 2015 E. Washington St., 762-8511, ext. 3290
Washington Elementary School, 3 Sage Drive, 762-8511, ext. 1230
Lincoln Elementary School, 700 N. Buchanan St., 762-8511, ext. 2250

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