For more than seven decades, Rantoul was the home of Chanute Air Force Base, one of the nation´s largest aviation training centers.

Since the base closed in 1993, Rantoul has been converted into an industrial community, with factories at an industrial park on the village´s west side and in former Air Force hangars.

The largest aerospace museum in Illinois, the Chanute Air Museum, showcases aviation in Illinois and the 76-year history of the base.

It includes an array of military aircraft, trainer cutaways, uniform displays and an underground ICBM silo.

Rantoul is also the home of two 18-hole golf courses, an outreach center for prisoners and former prisoners called Jesus is the Way Prison Ministries and Generations of Hope, an award-winning program that brings foster children together with senior citizens and families on former Air Force property.

At Lincoln’s Challenge Academy, a program for high school dropouts operated by the Illinois National Guard,  students live in a military environment for 22 weeks on the former Chanute Air Force Base while completing an education program geared to finishing high school.

Within the last several years, the village welcomed a new public library, a family aquatic center and an outdoor skate park.

Rantoul is also the home of the Illini football summer training camp.

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Mayor: Neal Williams, 512 N. Sheldon St., 892-2525, nwilliam@village.rantoul.il
Village board: Joe Bolser, 706 E. Grove Ave., 892-4365, gjb42@aol.com
Village board: Tony Brown, 428 Fox Ridge Drive, 893-9288, ajbrown@mchsi.com
Village board: Margurette Carter, 1044 Englewood Drive, 893-0490, frogmargi@aol.com
Village board: Roger Jones, 500 W. Champaign Ave., 892-4276, roger.jones@mchsi.com
Village board: Charles Smith, 1800 Gleason Drive, 893-1427, cksmith@village.rantoul.il.us
Village board: Jim Stubblefield, 420 Moraine Drive, 893-4309, jstubbl209@aol.com


Broadmeadow Elementary School, 500 Sunview Drive, 892-2194
Eastlawn Elementary School, 650 N. Maplewood Drive, 892-2131
J.W. Eater Junior High School, 400 E. Wabash Ave., 892-2115
Lincoln’s Challenge Academy, 205 Dodge Ave., 892-1315
Northview Elementary School, 400 N. Sheldon St., 892-2119
Pleasant Acres Elementary School, 1425 Short St., 893-4141
Rantoul Township High School, 200 S. Sheldon St., 892-2151
St. Malachy School, 345 E. Grove Ave., 892-2001


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