For some, Tolono is the hometown of the stars.

Eden Nicholas, a Hollywood movie star from the 1940s, actor and TV producer Mark Roberts, former Chicago Bear John “Rocky” Ryan and NBA basketball player Brian Cardinal have all called Tolono home.

Tolono owes its existence to the crossing of the Great Western Railroad with the Illinois Central Railroad. Train service on both routes started in 1855, and the first permanent residents arrived by train the next year. Presidents Lincoln, Truman and Reagan paid visits to Tolono, as did Prince Napoleon of France. A memorial marker on U.S. 45 honors the spot where Lincoln is said to have given his final speech in Illinois.

Tolono is also the home of the original Monical´s Pizza.

Next on the horizon is a new overpass over the railroad tracks, allowing motorists to reach Unity High from U.S. 45 by way of Rocket Road.

The village is planning on building a new fire station.

Here´s more:


Mayor: Kent Plackett, 115 E. Daggy St., 485-5663,
Village board: Steve Bonner, 309 E. Broadway St., 202-5971
Village board: Jeff Holt, 699 Clifford St., 485-5698
Village board: Michael Golish, 210 E. Reynolds St., 485-3290
Village board: Vicki A. Foley, 509 N. Central Ave., 485-3680
Village board: James L. Snodgrass, 504 N. Bourne St., 485-3650
Village board: Jeff Revell, 221 E. Main St., 841-0910


Unity High School, 1127 County Road 800 N, 485-6230
Unity Junior High School, 1121 County Road 800 N, 485-6735
Unity West Elementary School, 1035 County Road 600 N, 485-3918t

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