Deal of the Day Business Signup Form

Deal of the Day Business Signup Form

If accepted by our certificate review committee, we sell your certificates for half-price at Deal of the Day, which is jointly hosted by our newspaper and radio station websites.

Plus, Deal of the Day vendors will enjoy the driving power of this promotional package with a minimum value of $2,500 every single day!

Radio: Each radio station will air a minimum of 5 promotional announcements naming your business.

The News-Gazette (print edition): Anchored position ad featuring the logos and deals from each participating vendor.

News-Gazette Community Newspapers: weekly ads providing general promotion of Deal of the Day.

Online banner and button ads on our network of websites directing people to purchase your certificates from the Deal of the Day site.

• Facebook: Daily status post to all appropriate accounts listing the featured merchants with links to purchase site.

• Twitter: daily tweets from The News-Gazette and WDWS.

Daily Email (consumers opt in).

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