Search FAQ

Search FAQ

Searching for a specific story, photo or author on the Our Search Tool makes it easy!

1. To search for a specific story, photo, etc. find the Search Bar. There are two locations, one in the dark gray bar at the top of the page and one located at the bottom of the page on the right-hand side.



2. In the search field, type what you wish to search. You can begin refining your search by choosing the category which best describes the information you seek. Click the double arrow drop-down to access the filters.


3. Click the magnifying glass or hit “Enter” on your keyboard to begin your search.

Your search will yield a number of results which may or may not be what you are looking for.

4. To refine your search, use our search filters, located on the right side of of the page.

Sort this Search: You can choose how you would like to sort your results. For example, clicking “Title” will sort your search results in ascending alphabetical order by the title name.


Filter by Type: You can choose what type of information you would like to search for. For instance, if you want to search for an image, click “Image” and only images will appear in your search results.




Filter by Date: If you know the year for which you are searching, click that year's results.


Choose the month:



Choose the day:


To remove a previously selected filter, click the "minus" sign next to the desired filter under "Seach found items."


To perform a new search using the same filters, click “Retain current filters”.

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