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Please note: The News-Gazette's milestone policy changed June 1, 2011. Read more about those changes here. This is an updated FAQ.

Congratulations! If you’re looking at this page, you’re probably placing a wedding, engagement or civil union announcement in The News-Gazette.
Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we receive about these announcements.

What’s the difference between an engagement announcement and a wedding announcement?
An engagement announcement runs before the wedding and includes the names of parents, where the couple will be married, education and employment information. It also includes a black-and-white photo. Beginning June 1, 2011, we are charging $20 per engagement announcement. We ask that you submit your engagement announcement information at least a month before the wedding.
Wedding announcements run after the ceremony. The News-Gazette charges $50 for a basic wedding announcement. It includes more information than an engagement announcement, including reception location and the names of wedding party members. It also runs with a color photo. We ask that you send us this information within six months after the ceremony.
If you’d like to run both an engagement announcement and wedding announcement, let us know when you submit the former. We’ll charge you $60 for both, a $10 savings.

What’s the difference between a civil union advance announcement and a civil union ceremony announcement?
A civil union advance announcement runs before the ceremony (we ask you submit it at least a month in advance) and has a $20 fee.
It includes the partners’ names and the names of their parents, the location of the ceremony and their education and employment information. It also includes a black-and-white photo.
A civil union ceremony announcement runs after the ceremony (please submit it within at least six months) and has a $50 fee. It includes more information than an advance announcement, including reception location and names of attendants or witnesses. It also runs with a color photo.
If you’d like to run both an advance and ceremony announcements, let us know when you submit the former. We’ll charge you $60 for both, a $10 savings.

If I decide to pay for both announcements up front, how do I submit my information for my wedding or civil union ceremony announcement?
One option is to fill out the post-ceremony announcement form and submit it along with your pre-ceremony form. We’ll hang onto it. You can send us a photo and we'll call you to confirm it before we run it after your ceremony.
Or, you can submit the post-ceremony form after the ceremony; we’ll keep a record that you’ve already paid for it.

Where can I find the forms requesting the information The News-Gazette needs?
Here are links to:

— anniversary announcement form

engagement announcement form

civil union advance announcement form

wedding announcement form

civil union ceremony announcement form

— birthday announcement form

new names in the news announcement form

Do I need to fill out all the information on the form?
Yes. We require all the information requested on each form.

How do I submit my information to The News-Gazette?
The submission forms are PDFs, which means you can’t type over them. We recommend copying and pasting the fields from the PDF into the body of an email, then filling in your information and emailing it to us. If that doesn’t work for you, you’re always welcome to print the form, fill it in and mail it to:

The News-Gazette
Features Department
15 Main St.
P.O. Box 677
Champaign, IL 61824-0677

How much do announcements cost?
Pre-ceremony announcements cost $20. Post-ceremony announcements cost $50. You can pay for them both up front and we’ll charge you $60.
If you’d like to include more in-depth information about your ceremony, prices for a custom announcement go up from there. Please contact The News-Gazette at 351-5299 for more information and prices.

How do I pay for my announcement?
You can send us a check to the above address, or indicate that you'd like us to call you to get your credit card information.

When will my announcement run?
We ask that you submit your pre-ceremony announcement form at least one month prior to your ceremony. The run date depends on how many announcements we have and how much space we have to run them. Milestones run in the Wednesday Local section of The News-Gazette.

Do announcements run online?
Yes you can find them on our sister website,, for a few weeks after they run in the paper. They do expire, though, so they won’t be up forever.

Will you send my announcement to other papers?
We can send it on to our company’s community newspapers, including the Rantoul Press, Mahomet Citizen, Piatt County Journal-Republican, the Paxton Record, The Leader in the St. Joseph-Ogden area, the County Star in the Tolono-Philo area and the Independent News in Georgetown. If you’d like us to send your announcement one or several of these papers, please note this when you submit your information.

Can I email my photo?
Sure, but if it’s too small, we’ll ask you for a larger version. We prefer photos equivalent to a 4x6-inch print, with 300 dots per inch.

Can I mail my photo?
This works, too, but make sure it’s printed on photo paper. Photos printed on regular copy paper don’t scan well enough for us to use in the newspaper. And if you want it mailed back to you, don’t forget to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

I forgot to include a SASE when I mailed my photo. Can I still have it back?
Sure. We keep a file of engagement and wedding photos in our front lobby. Come into our main office at 15 Main Street, C, and one of our customer care reps will point you toward the file.

What if I have a question this FAQ doesn’t answer?

For calls about engagements, weddings or civil unions, please email or call Paul Wood, or 351-5203.
For calls about birthdays or anniversaries, please email or call Tim Mitchell, or 351-5366.
For calls about birth announcements, please email or call Mary Schenk, or 351-5313.
If your question is still unanswered, please contact us.
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