News-Gazette Carrier FAQ

News-Gazette Carrier FAQ

Our carriers are independently contracted people who deliver The News-Gazette. We welcome all types of people -- elementary to college students, homemakers, retirees and anyone whose schedule can accommodate a delivery route.

For more information or to become a carrier, please call (217) 351-5266.

How old do I have to be to become a news carrier?
To become a carrier, you must be at least 10 years old.

How much money can I earn as a news carrier?
The amount of money you will earn depends on the number of subscribers on your route.

When do people expect to have their papers delivered?
News-Gazette subscribers can expect their newspapers by 6:00 AM Monday through Friday and 7:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.

Who is available to assist carriers and answer any questions that come up?
The News-Gazette has District Managers, each in charge of a district made up of several newspaper routes. The District Manager can help prevent or solve problems and answer any questions you have.

How can I become a carrier for The News-Gazette?
You can fill out an application at one of The News-Gazette offices, and we will contact you. The News-Gazette locations are: 15 Main St., Champaign; and 839B E. Voorhees, Danville.
Or Fill out an E-Application form