Year in Review: Team report cards

Year in Review: Team report cards


Baseball D Ninth — Conference finish lowest since 2004

Football D Ninth — Two victories against BCS opponents

Men's basketball C+ Fifth — NCAA selection panel said no to erratic team

Men's cross-country C- Seventh — 13th straight year in Big Ten second division

Men's golf A First — Big Ten threepeat in their sights next season

Men's gymnastics A First — League champs hoped for higher than fourth in NCAA

Men's indoor track & field D 10th — Last in Big Ten for second time in four years

Men's outdoor track & field C Sixth — Three-spot improvement in Big Ten meet

Men's tennis B+ Second — Streak of Sweet 16 appearances ends at eight

Softball A T-Second — 45-win team set program mark for winning percentage

Women's basketball D+ T-Eighth — Third straight year in Big Ten's bottom four

Women's cross-country A Second — NCAA champ Bizzarri led Illini to 12th place

Women's golf D Ninth — Hopes for leap rest with large group of juniors-to-be

Women's gymnastics B Sixth — Puzzling stumble at Big Ten Championships

Women's indoor track & field C- Seventh — Finished within five points of fifth in Big Ten

Women's outdoor track & field B- Fifth — Next task: Beef up field events

Women's soccer D T-Eighth — Missed NCAA tourney for first time since 2002

Women's swimming & diving D- 11th — Third straight year at bottom of Big Ten

Women's tennis B Third — Quick NCAA exit for 22nd-ranked team

Volleyball A Second — Will look to break through Sweet 16 barrier

Wrestling D T-Eighth — Challenging year for new head coach Heffernan

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jgrout wrote on June 13, 2010 at 6:06 pm

Wouldn't that be a "Z", Z?

IlliniOllie wrote on June 14, 2010 at 7:06 am

Football gets a "D"? Talk about grade inflation. They get an "F", with the two BCS victories being the only reason not to get an "F-".

blmillini wrote on June 14, 2010 at 11:06 am

Where is the DIA grade? I give them an "F".