BTN turns 10

BTN turns 10

Today, the Big Ten Network celebrates its 10th anniversary. In this week's podcast, 'Tatelines: Unedited,' Dave Revsine tells of the moment when Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany gave the project the green light.

Delany, getting nowhere in negotiations with ESPN president Mark Shapiro, said he was going to start his own network instead.

"Mark Shapiro very famously said to him, 'Well that would be a roll of the dice,' " Revsine said. "And Commissioner Delany responded, 'Consider them rolled.' "

Revsine, an Urbana native whose late father was an accounting prof at the UI, was BTN's first on-air hire and remains the face of the popular network. He was at ESPN when he interviewed with BTN, not expecting the initial conversation to amount to much. That changed a few minutes in.

"My mind started racing: 'Wow, this would actually be pretty cool,' " he said. "I called my wire and said 'Hey, I think I may actualy want this job.' "

Her response?

" 'That wasn't the plan!' " Revsine said. "When I explained it to her, she was totally on board."