UI: 150 years, 1,000 stories, 100 videos

UI: 150 years, 1,000 stories, 100 videos

They hail from six continents — the Urbana-born doctor who's devoted the past three decades to caring for the poorest of the poor in East Africa; the dreamer from Freeport who grew up with 16 brothers and sisters and went on to become the first black American billionaire; the South Korean journalist who never thought she'd see her byline in the student newspaper, being a self-described "FOTB" (Fresh Off The Boat) with choppy English.

Four were astronauts, three U.S. ambassadors. Seventy-nine have CEO in their title. Two made Time magazine's list of the world's 100 most influential people.

Oprah Winfrey's executive producer is here, as is the author whose book was the first chosen for Oprah's Book Club.

Eight won Pulitzers, four Nobels, three Oscars, two Super Bowls, one Miss America and countless Olympic and Paralympic medals.

Today, we invite you to head to our special new website — uofi150.news-gazette.com — to hear from former students, faculty and staff as they take a stroll down memory lane in celebration of the University of Illinois turning 150.

Our yearlong project includes 1,000 stories, 100 video messages from around the globe and 14 Lyncoln Delporte drawings of some of the most iconic spots on and around campus. And we're just getting started.

We'll be adding to our website throughout the year — and beyond — so let us know what you think, or would like to see, by emailing jdalessio@news-gazette.com.