Top of the Morning, Oct. 5 , 2018

Top of the Morning, Oct. 5 , 2018

Barely two years after arriving at Champaign's WCIA, Annice McEwan is on the move. With the full support of her former employer.

McEwan starts next week at Louisville's WDRB, a Fox affiliate. She joins a six-person sports staff as a reporter. She will also have increased anchor duties.

McEwan, 24, came to WCIA in May 2016. It was her first job after graduating from Oklahoma State.

"Now that I am leaving, I'm like 'Oh, man. I'm really going to miss some of the people that I met here and the corn fields and the Illini fans," McEwan said, "They're a special breed because they've put up with so much heartache."

Her connections in Champaign helped McEwan land the job in Louisville. Former WCIA staff member Aaron Matas is part of the WDRB sports team. He reached out to WCIA's Bret Beherns to see if McEwan might be interested in moving to Louisville.

"It all really transpired within two to three weeks," McEwan said.

During her college days, the Oregon native hoped to eventually be in a job where her family could watch her work. The ideal situation would be in the Northwest.

But she is open to wherever the jobs take her.

"The hardest part in the TV business is getting your foot in," McEwan said. "Then from there, you're trying to build up your experience to get to where you want to be."

McEwan praised WCIA co-workers Beherns and Craig Choate.

"They always had my back in situations," McEwan said. "In those first couple of months, I really didn't have a clue what was going to be expected of me. I hadn't really had much hands-on experience. We really do everything. We write, we shoot, we edit. There were times where I royally screwed up. Fortunately, I had someone like Bret who was patient enough to say 'OK, we messed up here. How are we going to fix it?' Now, going into my second job, he's still trying to prepare me, trying to help me get better."

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