5 O'Clock Shadow: Zook takes a hike

5 O'Clock Shadow: Zook takes a hike

News you can't leave work without: Illinois coach Ron Zook isn’t interested in talking about job security.

Zook told reporters Tuesday that he would end his weekly news conference if anyone asked about his job following four straight losses and a weekend of off-field trouble for his players. He kept his promise, walking out after he was asked if had talked to his players about handling questions about his future.

Check out our IlliniHQ Facebook page for video of the walk-about

Check out our IlliniHQ Facebook page for our Monday interview with Zook

The seventh-year Illini coach started the season with six wins, but has now watched his team lose four in a row.

Over the weekend, starting linebacker Trulon Henry was shot in the hand at a party where two other people were shot. In another incident, two other reserve players were arrested following a fight on campus. Zook suspended them.

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johnnycpars wrote on November 15, 2011 at 5:11 pm

i am tired of the local media trying to get zook to say things.  put your "listening" ears on mr/ms reporters. would u all think that questions about your future as a reporter are necessary?
stop trying to drum up controversy and cover what is there.