5 O'Clock Shadow: There's a game to play, too

5 O'Clock Shadow: There's a game to play, too

News you can't leave work without: Ron Zook's squabbles with reporters have caught Loren Tate's attention. But he's worried about Wisconsin, too. Here's a sample:

The question rearing its ugly head this week is whether the players are affected by the rumors surrounding Zook and the early-morning shooting injury to starting linebacker Trulon Henry. Seniors Jeff Allen, Whitney Mercilus and Tavon Wilson met the press and seemed more concerned about the talent representing Wisconsin.

“Nobody out there understands what’s going on in the locker room,” said Mercilus. “We don’t pay attention to the outside world. We’re facing a steamroller team in Wisconsin. Their offensive line is bigger than the Green Bay Packers.”

Said Allen: “What happened to Trulon makes us want to play harder. When we look at it, we’re making a lot of small mistakes. The offensive line is all about cohesion.”

Some lineup changes are being hinted, to which Petrino replied:

“I don’t think we have players worried about their jobs. They play every game for Coach Zook, they play for each other. They play for the university and the fans. Anyone who doesn’t believe that doesn’t realize the hours and the work we put in. I don’t have all the answers, but I believe our guys are playing their hearts out every game. They just have to execute better in key situations.”