Vontae Davis Q&A

Vontae Davis Q&A

The junior cornerback spent some quality time during the offseason at the Playboy All-American event in Arizona, hanging out with a who's who of college greats. Through three games, Davis has done nothing to take his name out of All-American contention or an early spot in April's NFL draft.

Q: How did you get No. 1?

A: I said to Coach (Ron) Zook and Coach (Mike) Locksley if I was to come to Illinois and commit, I wanted to have the No. 1. I always wanted to be first in whatever I do.

Q: Was that your high school number?

A: No, I was No. 4. Coming to college, I felt it was a new life looking forward and I wanted No. 1. That's what I wanted to go with into college.

Q: What should be the criteria for the next No. 1?

A: He better be a player who is ready to play. There isn't really a standard. The receiver before, David Williams, was a pretty good player. If we're going to make it a tradition, I've got to talk to him.

Q: Who's Jenna?

A: That's a good friend of mine. I hang out with her. She's a student.

Q: Who in the NFL are you anxious to cover?

A: I would have to say my brother (49ers tight end Vernon Davis). Just because over my whole life, he's been my role model. If I was blessed to cover him, I'd want to say I had the upper hand and that I stopped my brother actually for the first time in my life.

Q: You and Plaxico Burress, what happens?

A: He'd probably want to fight me. I'd try to get him out of his game. He's a competitive guy from what I've seen.

Q: Are you excited about the Ryder Cup win?

A: I didn't watch it. I saw highlights. From the highlights, they made it a big deal.

Q: When was the last time you golfed?

A: Never. I've played a round at an amusement park, a little putt putt, but that isn't real golf. I'm curious to see if I can actually hit the ball. They say that's the hardest thing, to hit that little ball. I think it looks easy.

Q: What are your thoughts on the November election?

A: If I do vote, I would vote for Barack Obama.

Q: Give me a percentage of your teammates who will vote

A: As far as my perspective, I'd say 20 percent. We're doing so much in football, I don't know who has time to actually go.

Q: Since you are from D.C., do you have more insight into the election?

A: Yes. In D.C., it's a real big thing. They make it part of your school.

Q: Have you met Sen. McCain? How about Sen. Obama?

A: I haven't, but I've met senators. I've seen them.

Q: Which one of your teammates is a future president?

A: I'd have to say Xavier Fulton just because of the way he carries himself. He's the type of person who could be a leader, have a throne and have everybody else talk for him about how he feels about things. I'd vote for him.

Q: Are you angry about the price of gas?

A: I'm not angry about it, but it's an arm and a leg. Plus, I drive a truck, so I'm paying more money for gas. I don't drive too far. It's a Tahoe.

Q: Joe Paterno was 62 when you were born.

A: Man. I can't believe that.

Q: Have you ever talked to him?

A: He came to Dunbar High School. I talked to him about the program. They recruited me. I'm not sure if I got an offer, but I'm pretty sure I could have went there.

Q: What will you be doing when you're 81?

A: I don't know if I'll be coaching. That shows he's passionate about the sport. I'll probably just move on with my life and kids and just be an old person.

Q: Where do you keep your Zook Zone towel?

A: I've seen them. I haven't gotten one. I don't know why I haven't gotten one. Most Illinois stuff, I hang it up in my room. I've got posters, jerseys, anything I can get my hands on.

Q: You're going into a white out at Penn State. Should Illinois fans do the same thing with orange?

A: That would be real nice. Most people do it. We already have that.

Q: Are you surprised you're 14-point underdogs?

A: Coach Zook said something about it. I'm not surprised. I know the game has got to be played. That's just what the people think. We've got to go and play the game.

Q: Looks like your brother Vernon is having a great career with the 49ers.

A: I love my brother a lot. Other than my grandmother, it's my brother. If I was to be down, I'd call one of them. My brother knows how to keep me up, tell me what to do to be successful. He went through the things I went through.

Q: You have a chance to join the Mannings as brothers who are first-round draft picks.

A: It's something I dream about. Right now when I'm talking to you, I can't express how I feel about it.

Q: When that's going to be?

A: I can't tell you man. I've got to worry about this White Out Saturday. We're 14-point underdogs.

Q: Tell me something people don't know about one of your teammates.

A: Nate Bussey, we always talk about how his hands are so rough. We used to say his hands are like sandpaper. At night, Nate soaks his hands in some crazy stuff to make his hands soft. If you shake hands with him, he's going to cut you.

Q: Who is your favorite female entertainer?

A: Rihanna.

Q: A night on the town with Rihanna or two interceptions and a win against Penn State?

A: I'd have to take two interceptions and a win against Penn State. Sorry, Rihanna. That football comes first.

Q: Tell us something else people don't know about you?

A: I'm a real outgoing person. Most people thing I don't say anything. I like to have fun. In closed doors, I do actually talk a lot, play around and enjoy a lot of stuff.

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RobMarine wrote on September 26, 2008 at 7:09 pm

"...move on with my life...and just be an old person."


Have a great game Mr. Davis.