Asmussen's No. 1 is ... Michigan

Asmussen's No. 1 is ... Michigan

N-G college football beat writer has updated his preseason Top 10. The real ballot won't be turned in until August, so there is more time for change:


1. Michigan 2

2. Southern Cal 1

3. Oklahoma 4

4. Alabama 7

5. LSU 3

6. Wisconsin 8

7. Florida State 5

8. Georgia 6

9. South Carolina 9

10. Oklahoma State —

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STUMPWALSH wrote on June 05, 2012 at 10:06 am

Bob, Michigan will be #1 until I turn 50, You know good and well that a SEC school should be up there until they lose, I am referring to Alabama.  I love the B1G, but we are not a good as the teams down South, we must accept this until we prove to the rest of the country we can win the big games.  I know I am biased but it is the truth.  Oh yeah don't forget my birthday Bob it's Labor day weekend, Sept 2cd.  Go Illini

MB23 wrote on June 05, 2012 at 11:06 am

The only way this poll could possibly exist was if a)This was a pre-season poll and b) you were the Big Ten's biggest homer. Oh wait, that's true. Michigan at #1 is a joke, and so is putting Wisconsin in the top 5. (We're talking about NATIONAL rankings, correct?)

Michigan has as good of shot at being national champs as Illinois does at this point, there's no way Denard & UM can even stand a shot at competing in their season opener against Bama. The kid can run but throws the ugliest jump balls any Big Ten "QB" has ever tossed. Do you really think a SEC defense, check that - the returning defense from a national title team- is going to have problems shutting him down? All the SEC does is speed, and you can bet Saban & Company will be incorporating Michigan State's game film into their film study all off-season to help prepare to throw around shoelace like the ragdoll the Spartans made him in 2011 when they, once again, defeated the mighty Michigan Wolverines. I'll root for the conference all day, but there's a clear difference between optimism and complete stupidity.

kyontz wrote on June 06, 2012 at 3:06 pm

You do realize that he didn't have Wisconsin in the top 5 don't you.........moron!