Inside Ohio State: Buckeyes playing for pride

Inside Ohio State: Buckeyes playing for pride

Two minutes with: Bill Rabinowitz

Staff writer Marcus Jackson’s chat with the Columbus Dispatch writer

How has the team come to grips with the reality that it can’t play in the postseason?
It does lurk in their minds, but Ohio State really has stayed focused on the here and now. Urban Meyer has been so tough on the players that they just think about what they have to do in the short  term. Of course, there’ll be quite a comedown after Nov. 24 when they play Michigan, especially if they do go undefeated and realize there’s no pot of gold beyond what they’ve achieved.

How much has Braxton Miller’s popularity grown locally this season?
Ohio State fans are thrilled by Miller’s running ability and a little exasperated about the inconsistency in the passing game. But, overall, they are pleased with Miller’s development.

Are fans over the disappointment of Jim Tressel being forced out?
There are still some Tressel loyalists, but they are dwindling. I’d say the average fan thinks that a Tressel-for-Meyer trade is a pretty decent one.

The basketball team is in the Top 5, does anyone there care?
No question that OSU is a football school, but there is a strong basketball following here. ... The way I usually describe it is that OSU fans need the football team to win. They want the basketball team to win.

Give us a prediction.
Ohio State, 45-7. Illinois has given Ohio State fits over the years, but the Illini simply don’t have the talent or experience to threaten the Buckeyes this year unless OSU provides a lot of help.

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