Asmussen on Turner: 'He'll coach 'em up'

Asmussen on Turner: 'He'll coach 'em up'

College football beat writer Bob Asmussen covered Ron Turner for eight years at Illinois. Here are his thoughts on Turner’s return to college:

Always figured Ron Turner might be a head coach again. But in the NFL, not college.

The former Illinois coach, who has worked with the Bears, Colts and Bucs since leaving C-U after the 2004 season, is the new guy in charge at Florida International.

It’s a unique fixer-upper that was supposed to go to former Miami/North Carolina coach Butch Davis. Something went wrong there, so the Panthers turned to Turner.

Go to the school’s Web site ( and you’ll find a big photo of Turner and talk about the move to a new league: Conference USA. That had to be part of the appeal for Turner, who briefly worked at Stanford since leaving Illinois before returning to the NFL.

No question, Turner knows the Xs and Os to be a success. The question with him has always been about recruiting. But being in the middle of a hotbed of high school talent will certainly help. And look for Turner to put together a talented staff of young assistants to find the players the school needs. He’ll coach ‘em up.

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