Dick Butkus: 'I better just shut up'

Dick Butkus: 'I better just shut up'

Columnist Loren Tate chatted with one-of-a-kind Illini Dick Butkus for a story that will run in Sunday's N-G. As expected, the legendary linebacker didn't hold back.

What are your thoughts about the Illini?

Butkus: “It’s depressing. Every time I’ve talked to the team, they get bombed, so I better just shut up. I look at the roster and I see more out-of-state players than in-state. We’re losing the top in-state players. We’ve always had trouble recruiting in Chicago. Why, I don’t know.”


Should college players be given a stipend?

Butkus: “I think it’s time. Some of these kids don’t have a pot to you-know-what in. But you’ll need an accounting major to determine how to be fair with the other sports.”

 More coming on HQ and in the N-G. 


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UIUCHoopFan wrote on August 23, 2013 at 12:08 pm

They don't have a pot to **** in but they have plenty of money for booze, tattoos, and chains around their necks.  In many cases a stipend would be turned over for child support.  Apparently a college education isn't payment enough.


JDG613 wrote on August 23, 2013 at 5:08 pm

This is one of the more ignorant comments I've ever seen on here.  Your statement implies that all athletes would just waste any extra funds they might have, and that all athletes drink, put ink on their skin, and adorn themselves with jewelry.  Oh, and I don't want to overlook the classy statement re. child support, because obviously, all athletes just have kids without being married.  Then, to justify the idiocy, you add in the reference to college tuition being paid as not being sufficient.            Well, I've got news for you....while it's certainly beneficial to have your education and housing, and even meals paid for, that still doesn't allow the student-athlete to clothe themselves, pay for gas, or even go to a movie every now and then.   I suggest you pick another user name, because your statements certainly don't support your assertion that you're a FAN.

Nice Davis wrote on August 23, 2013 at 5:08 pm

I had to shut my computer screen when I first saw your comment. The dog whistle racism was so loud it made my mutt freak out worse than Fourth of July fireworks.


How about you take your ignorant spite to freerepublic where it belongs?

afan wrote on August 23, 2013 at 5:08 pm

Stereotype much?

shaydog wrote on August 24, 2013 at 3:08 pm

I don't have a problem with including a SMALL stipend into the athletic scholarship. These kids deserve it. But I am freaked out by the millions (billions?) of dollars being divided up among rich old men for their own purposes. The NCAA, the Bowl Committees, school presidents, fat-cat coaches all have their hands out for the billions that TV heaps upon amateur athletics (re football and basketball). No one seems interested in diverting the billions into the general scholarship funds of the member schools. The normal kids are just expected to kick in more and more as the corrupt state governments (see Springfield, IL) cut state funding. School presidents and athletic departments throw buckets of money building the newest, greatest luxury suite stadiums and pass the costs on as "activity fees".

If the NCAA truly has a mandate to "make college athletics a level playing field", then I have the following proposals:

1. Cap coaching salaries across the nation within each sport (ie Head Football Coach can receive no more than $500K at any NCAA school in the country). $500K is hardly a soup line. I understand that college coaching is a pressure-cooker and that these folks works horrible hours. Maybe this will force a little perspective onto that and let a little steam out of the "win/cheat/lie/steal at all costs" mentality. If they still want $million/year, there's always an opening in the NFL.

2. Give a modest stipend to ALL scholarship athletes. They work hard for it and it would be no different than the work-study programs that I had when I attending school.

3. The billions of TV dollars should be divided amongst the schools and used for capital improvements of the campus (remember that these are supposed to be colleges?) and scholarships for ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT (remember the college thing....Nancy was wrong it is OK to leave some students behind).

4. NCAA should mandate that all athletic conferences consist of 12 schools. Each conference would play 11 games in a season against each other. Conference CHAMPIONS would be seeded in a tournament to determine a National Champion. 

5. The current Bowl organizations should be taken over by the NCAA. Bowls could keep there existing flavors (ie Rose likes the Big10 vs PAC12...they just get the 2nd place teams). The money goes into the general pot.

6. Quit forcing kids to go to college. If they are good enough to get drafted in HS, let them go. If they don't get drafted, let them go to college. They should, however, sign a waiver before their freshman season that if they leave early for the PRO's, they have to re-pay all tuition and fees.

Will this work/happen. No, as there is no place for the rich old men to get richer while they get older. But, it would sure help a lot of poor athletes and broke parents trying to find a way to send their kid to college.

GlenM wrote on August 27, 2013 at 2:08 am

I am shocked by your racist, ageist, and wealthist stereotyping.  Why does it matter that wealthy old white men benefit from an enormously popular series of athletic contests?  Would those benefits be more defensible if they accrued to non-wealthy non-white young women?