Hopkins: View to a thrill

Hopkins: View to a thrill

Former Illini defensive back-turned-astronaut Mike Hopkins told the BTN on Friday that it was “a little overwhelming” when he first got to the International Space Station, and that it took him about 18 hours to adjust.

He won’t be able to watch tonight’s game against Wisconsin live, but he says crews on the ground send the games to him at the space station every week. He watches while he works out, he said.

That, of course, is in between the science, like figuring out how a microgravity environment affects the human immune system.

“Some of it we’re very involved in because we’re the guinea pigs,” Hopkins said during a BTN interview.

The weekends he reserves for catching up with his family, checking email and — naturally — watching the Illini.

“Is there anything else?” he said.

Patrick Wade