History on Beckman's side

History on Beckman's side

Third year’s a charm?

Athletic director Mike Thomas on Monday said Tim Beckman will return for a third season at Illinois. Here's a look at how the last six Illini coaches have fared in their third season.

Ron Zook    2007    9-4    Upset of No. 1 Ohio State led Illini to Rose Bowl

Ron Turner    1999    8-4    Season ended with throttling of Virginia in MicronPC.com Bowl

Lou Tepper    1994    7-5    Blanked East Carolina in Liberty Bowl

John Mackovic    1990    8-4    Big Ten champions (6-2) lost to Clemson in Hall of Fame Bowl

Mike White    1982    7-5    Four of losses were by a combined 18 points, including Liberty Bowl setback to Alabama

Gary Moeller    1979    2-8-1    Moeller didn’t see a fourth season after winless Big Ten campaign

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PortlandIllini wrote on December 02, 2013 at 12:12 pm

Did any of these head coaches have the worst defense in the Big Ten going into their third year?     The Illini will another losing season unless they improve their defense coaching.    

Dan Bloeme wrote on December 02, 2013 at 2:12 pm

Tim Beckman is the worst Illinois coach since Gary Moeller and he still has a shot at becoming the all-time worst coach after his last season next year. It's not just about wins and losses or yards and points given up. Beckman is the most bumbling,  embarrassing Illinois coach I ever saw. WE lived through Zook being a national punchline but ol' Zooker pales next to #BeckmanTheClown for comic effect.

tr1066 wrote on December 02, 2013 at 4:12 pm

I am not a fan of Tim Beckman staying as head coach, but if he has to stay, then the defense coaching staff has to be revamped---the players are just not executing the fundamentals needed to play on this level and are not getting better.  This starts with a new and exciting hire----Who you ask?  How about---ED ORGERON?  He is a fierce recruiter who has recruited players like Warren Sapp, Cortez Kennedy and Michael Oter (The "Blind Side").   He is a great defense coordinator who's worked with Jimmy Johnson at Miami and Pete Carroll at USC.     Right now, he's hurt about not getting the USC head coaching job, but for the right money and the incentive of coaching in the Big Ten, to prove himself as a viable HC candidate--he might do it....I think Orgeron would be a great choice.  We can now keep Cubit to focus on offense, since now he believes the football program is serious about winning, I already addressed the Orgeron reasoning and Beckman can learn how to work on a big-time level with an experienced staff.  And we, the fan base, can come back and fill the stands again, proud of the product and can compete with the Michigans, Ohio States and Wisconsins....Look---I am tired of this mom-and-pop second tier coaching carousel.  Get a proven coach at the elite program (like the Alabamas, OSUs, and Michigans do) and stop settling for 5-10 year "construction projects".  There is enough talent in this state alone to win, stop making excuses. Look at Florida--with injuries and in the SEC, a 4 and 8 record is ridiculous for them; why would that record be a "great" year for Illinois?

pberg wrote on December 02, 2013 at 4:12 pm

He is not going to come to Illinois. Maybe if you paid him way more than Beckman. He has opened up a lot of doors for himself but not to Illinois.   Now we know why they call Illinois, "The Graveyard of Coaches".

tr1066 wrote on December 02, 2013 at 5:12 pm

Then who do we get?  Another MAC coach with the "dream of coaching in the BI0?" Meanwhile, the stands stay emptied..Does that hurt me or the university's revenue?...Again, why is Illinois striving to be mediocre in football?  Take the chance!!  Go for the best coaches!!

RPeterE wrote on December 03, 2013 at 9:12 am

Chucky, why don't you climb back in your hole and stop harrassing fans who are free to share their opinions without your chastising and demeaning them. Get a life.