Asmussen: Auburn gets its shot

Asmussen: Auburn gets its shot

BCS Championship:

Florida State vs. Auburn

Let’s be honest. This is the game everybody outside the Big Ten wants to see anyway.

Rose Bowl:

Michigan State vs. Stanford

Nice to see the Spartans making another trip to Pasadena. It has been too long. Somewhere, George Perles is smiling.

Sugar Bowl:

Ohio State vs. Oklahoma

It’s going to be difficult for the Buckeyes to bounce back after blowing a chance for the national title game.

Orange Bowl:

Alabama vs. Clemson

Certainly not the BCS game the Crimson Tide wanted. If this was next year, the Fighting Sabans would be in the semifinals.

Fiesta Bowl:

Baylor vs. Central Florida

Don’t be surprised if Bears coach Art Briles is on his way to Texas before this game is played. Unless Nick Saban says yes to Texas.

Asmussen will turn in his Heisman votes Monday morning. Here are his leanings one day before going to the polls:

1. Jameis Winston, Florida State

When the Tallahassee prosecutor decided not to press charges, Winston became an easy choice for this ballot. The most dominant performance by a candidate in years.

2. Andre Williams, Boston College

Running back had one of the best years ever, gaining 2,102 yards despite being the focus of all opposing defenses.

3. Jordan Lynch, Northern Illinois

One rough game didn’t spoil his season. It would have been a lot of fun to see him in another BCS game.