Asmussen's Day 2 winners and losers

Asmussen's Day 2 winners and losers

Kenny Bell’s hair
The Nebraska receiver is a fine player and has plenty to say. And people wanted to listen. But you have to wonder if the reason he drew so many reporters to his table Tuesday was his giant mound of hair. You can see the guy from across the room and down the street. In fact, satellite photos from space can identify his moptop without a strong lens. I wonder if he needs an extra-large helmet.

Nothing Big Ten coordinator of officials Bill Carollo likes better than explaining the rules. He had his own table Tuesday and had a steady stream of reporters stopping by. We are all now better educated about the rules. And that makes Carollo happy. We will have more from him in Sunday’s News-Gazette.

Brandon Scherff, Iowa
Every offensive lineman doesn’t want to get noticed. At least that’s what they say. The hulking tackle for the Hawkeyes is front and center on Iowa’s media guide. Hard not to notice the likely future NFL draft pick. He isn’t worrying, though, about giving a man hug to Roger Goodell just yet.
“I’m just trying to control the things I can control and work my butt off,” Scherff said. “You can’t listen to all that talk, so I’m throwing it over my shoulder.”

Face time
Coach at a tradition-rich program and media members turn out in swarms. You had to wait in line for an available chair surrounding Urban Meyer,  Brady Hoke or Bo Pelini on Tuesday morning. James Franklin had a steady dose of reporters nearby. So did Mark Dantonio and Gary Andersen. It was easier to find a spot among the likes of Tim Beckman, Kyle Flood, Randy Edsall, Darrell Hazell and Kevin Wilson. Never a good sign for any coach if interest doesn’t seem to be there.

Union talk
Pat Fitzgerald didn’t want the unionization matter to stay front and center Monday. It’s a message his players at Northwestern seem to have bought into as well.
“We handled it pretty well,” quarterback Trevor Siemian said. “Being at Northwestern, we’re always juggling academics and athletics, so it was another thing in the mix.” Siemian played it coy when asked if he was surprised his former teammate, Kain Colter, wanted to spearhead the start of a union.
“It’s easy to say that four or five months down the road,” Siemian said. “At the same time, we’ve got to make decisions for ourselves. That’s what we did.”

Former players
Good for the Big Ten in bringing back one former player from each school to sign autographs like they did Tuesday morning. Bad for the conference in not making them available to the assembled media. With so many issues surrounding college football, and with so many players available from different eras, having them talk to the press could have shed some light on a variety of topics. Plus, it would have allowed those players the chance to inform fans from their respective schools about what they’re up to these days. A missed opportunity.

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Moonpie wrote on July 30, 2014 at 7:07 am

Kind of embarrasingly bad that Bob is obsessing over the guy's hair. Small-time stuff. Irrelevant. Then some coaches are grouped together as "Losers." No point to it at all. Just filling space on a page. But you know that line from the end of the film Chinatown, right? "It's just the Gazette, Jake."

westcoast wrote on July 30, 2014 at 6:07 pm

Criticisms from Moonpie regarding what is "embarrasing," "small-time," and "irrelevant."   "No point to it at all" and "just filling space."  Fantastic!

jjohnson wrote on July 30, 2014 at 12:07 pm

Clearly, then, a waste of your time to read it, Moonpie. Why not spare yourself the effort.