Asmussen: Williams hopes for Illini inductions

David Williams closed his Illinois career in 1985. He finished as the top receiver in school history (he still is) and No. 2 all-time in the FBS. In 1984, he became the second receiver in major college history to catch 100 passes in a season.

Hall of Fame worthy? No doubt. But he had to wait awhile.

Asmussen's college football notes: Is Fleck a fit in the Big Ten?

Big Ten update

News and notes from Jim Delany’s favorite conference

■ Smart move by ESPN to extend the contract of “GameDay” icon Lee Corso. The former Indiana coach, who is in his 30th year at the network, signed a multiyear deal.

Corso closes each show by picking who he thinks will win the game involving the “GameDay” host school.

Will other ailing athletes follow Cvijanovic's example?

After convincing his alma mater to cut him a quarter-million dollar check for medical issues stemming from playing three seasons on Illinois' offensive line, Simon Cvijanovic has set out on a new course:

Helping scores of other college athletes who suffered like he did — and have sought his counsel, via private Twitter messages — get the same result.

PODCAST: Saturday SportsTalk 06-03-17

PODCAST: Saturday SportsTalk 06-03-17: Play now!

Michael Kiser and Loren Tate host the Saturday edition of Sports Talk. They talk with UI men's golf coach Mike Small, Simon Cvijanovic, Steve Beckett and Frank Cusumano.


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PODCAST: Sports Talk 06-02-17

PODCAST: Sports Talk 06-02-17: Play now!

Sports Talk with Scott Beatty and Michael Kiser.  Guests include Todd Lindsey, Bob Asmussen and Chris Tamas.


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June 5 Bob Asmussen chat

Monday, June 5, 2017 - 9:00am

Who will be the next Illinois football commit? How will the Simon

Cvijanovic  case impact the football program? Will Mike Small's team win the 2018 NCAA golf title?

For the answer to these questions, or anything else on your mind, check in with our longtime college football writer.

Cvijanovic's goal: To advocate for others

Hear more from Cvijanovic Saturday at 9:30 on WDWS.

CHICAGO — In a downtown law firm's conference room, Simon Cvijanovic spoke of the two shoulder operations and the left-knee surgery he's undergone in recent years.

Ex-Illini gets bond lowered to $50,000, permission to go back to Ohio

URBANA — A former University of Illinois football player had his bond reduced by $100,000 and will be allowed to head home to Ohio in between court appearances.

On Wednesday, Judge Tom Difanis agreed to reduce bond for Howard Watkins from $150,000 to $50,000.

The judge also granted permission for Watkins to leave the state of Illinois to go to his home in Ohio.

Asmussen: Mistake costly for dismissed Illini

Last Wednesday, I started to write a text message to Howard Watkins, looking for a comment about his dismissal from the Illinois football team.

Right before hitting “send” it dawned on me that Watkins wouldn’t see the text. Or be able to respond.

Cell phones are not allowed in jail.

Cvijanovic: 'I hope my story inspires others'

CHICAGO — In a downtown conference room, one of the lawyers for Simon Cvijanovic referred to the disgruntled former Illinois football player as “a hero” in discussing the $250,000 settlement the 24-year-old received from the university over injuries he sustained while a member of the UI football pr