Kowalczyk takes it day by day

CHAMPAIGN — “Whirlwind” was the word that came to mind for Illinois interim athletic director Paul Kowalczyk to describe the last 48 hours. Five days’ notice really didn’t give him a head start on his new duties. Not when he wouldn’t officially take the reins of the job until Monday’s announcement of Mike Thomas’ termination.

Tate: George might be perfect match

There are matches made in heaven ... Mike Krzyzewski and Duke, Urban Meyer and Ohio State ... or if you prefer, Bill and Hillary, Johnny Cash and June Carter — who else could have sung “Jackson”? — and don’t forget Stiller and Meara.

Congratulate Michigan’s Wolverines. They had one objective above all others, and they landed him: Jim Harbaugh. Another match made in heaven.

Guide to Thomas firing, UI athletics investigation

Plenty was said, done and released to the public Monday when Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas was fired and the school released the findings of Franczek Radelet's investigation into the school's football and women's basketball programs. A look at everything from The News-Gazette surrounding the situation:

Paul Kowalczyk 'right person for the time'

CHAMPAIGN — Taking a cue from Illinois basketball coach John Groce’s approach to the instability of his roster due to injuries, Paul Kowalczyk is approaching his new position as if he’s simply the next man up.

“When you’re asked to step up, you step up, and I felt like it was an obligation and a duty to the university,” Kowalczyk said.

Who might be next full-time athletic director?

Who will be the next full-time University of Illinois athletic director after Mike Thomas' ouster Monday? Here are five possibilities, all with past UI ties:

Rick George
Ex-Illini football player and staffer is the current AD at Colorado and would be a popular pick.

Asmussen: Why fire Thomas now?

CHAMPAIGN — Heard from Mike Thomas early Monday afternoon.

I asked him for an interview, but he declined. Politely. Always politely.

“Hi Bob,” Thomas texted. “I appreciate the opportunity to visit, but will let you visit with my friends.

“Thanks for your great coverage of UI and best of luck in the future.”

LIVE: AD fired

WDWS and WHMS are carrying live today's news conference. Listen here.

Bill Cubit might have the interim tag attached to his title as head coach. But all he sees is the "head coach" part and he expects the interim tag to be removed.

Social media reaction to Thomas firing

Illinois has fired athletic director Mike Thomas, with UI interim chancellor Barbara Wilson naming senior associate athletic director Paul Kowalczyk as interim AD effective immediately.

Here's some of the reaction happening across Twitter after Monday morning's announcement  ...

Dee Brown: 'Just try to stay positive'

CHAMPAIGN — Since he was hired this summer to be the special assistant to then-Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas, Illini basketball great Dee Brown has been traveling throughout the state, spreading good cheer and vibes about all things Illinois.

UI roundup: Flaws earns soccer honor

CHAMPAIGN — Illinois senior forward Jannelle Flaws was named co-Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week, the league announced Thursday.