Illini grade vs. Eastern Kentucky: B

Illini grade vs. Eastern Kentucky: B

Nnanna Egwu, Illinois. Sunday was all about defense for the Illini and the big man was the standout. He tied a career high with four blocks and had a steal to go along with seven points and two boards.

Illinois C
Eastern Kentucky D

The Illini guards turned the ball over 14 times against the Colonels but still got 17 points, nine rebounds and three assists from Brandon Paul.

Illinois B
Eastern Kentucky D

Egwu starred on both ends of the floor and Tyler Griffey continues to rebound (five) and finally got a three-pointer to go down to break his shooting slump.

Illinois B
Eastern Kentucky A

Joseph Bertrand (11 points, seven rebounds) and Sam McLaurin (four points, two rebounds) were up to their usual tricks and Myke Henry added four points and five boards.

Illinois B
Eastern Kentucky C

Colonels will give Murray State a run for their money in the Ohio Valley. Illinois didn’t shoot it the best, but if the Illini defend like it did Sunday they’ll continue to win a whole lot of games.

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penniless wrote on December 17, 2012 at 3:12 pm

Your measuring stick on the grades must be based only on the two playing teams at the time.It can not be of other games that you have viewed. Both teams,EKY and Illini overall a C minus at best.No way either team deserved your grading scale.Not great basketball from either team.1st half both teams an F.Second half C minus and that is on a curve scale.You must not like good basketball.

Bear8287 wrote on December 18, 2012 at 1:12 am

Apparently, no one has ever offered you a penny for your thoughts...

penniless wrote on December 04, 2012 at 10:12 pm
It says C minus to you.It shows me Illini are The Pretenders in BB.A Win of the worst kind.That win took hope and destroyed any hope.That Win, says Illini should not be ranked.That Win, says 9th in Conference  might be a stretch.That Win, says  7 and 11 in Conference and that might be generous.Georgetown and Western Carolina play Saturday,checkout that box score.Illinois play the Zags,a beat down of the worst kind,goodbye top 25.First the CUBS,then the BEARS and now the Illini.I know,its wait till ext year!!A C minus,that was being to kind

... and now I know why! Pretty good prognosticating there. NOT!

Here's some data for you to consider:

Illinois 72
W. Carolina 64

Georgetown 81
W. Carolina 68

Illinois 85
Gonzaga 74

Gonzaga 68
K State 52 (finally scored their 41st point with 4:45 left in the game).

Illinois 78
Butler  61

Butler  88
Indiana 86

Bruce Weber fan perhaps? Here's some data on where Coach Weber has taken the K. State program so far:

4-game scoring moving averages                                              
    KSU                   Opponents
    81.25                      47
    76.5                        49.75
    71                           53.75
    67.25                      60.5
    65                           62.25
    61.5                        63.5

It looks like the trend is not your friend.




penniless wrote on December 18, 2012 at 9:12 am

Really,its the best of times.Looking outward from a pit,are we?No, its the worst of times.On top looking down into that pit. 12 and 0,jubilation abounds so freely.Joy from a schedule that has brought forth so much promise.EKY and Illini game not a great game,other than its a win.Bertrand gives  me some hope,not 12 and 0.Three games out of 12 deserve a grade above a C,yet many are stretching that 12 wins of excellence into A and Bs.3 games,not 12 are above a C.Its an opinion only.