Illini grade vs. Penn State: C

Illini grade vs. Penn State: C

Illini 64, Nittany Lions 59

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Illinois’ D.J. Richardson
The team’s leading scorer in Big Ten play did most of his damage from the line, hitting 8 of 9. Might deserve first-team All-Big Ten consideration and team MVP honors.

BACKCOURT: Penn State C+, Illinois B-

Brandon Paul scored a quiet 16 points. His better work came on defense, with a nifty steal in the first half. With a healthy Tim Frazier, the Nittany Lions wouldn’t be so bad.

FRONTCOURT: Penn State C+, Illinois C

Folks are starting to notice all the little things Sam McLaurin does so well. Thanks, Coastal Carolina. Big Serbian Sasa Borovnjak should stick around for his final season.

BENCH: Penn State D, Illinois C+

Sorry, Tyler Griffey and Tracy Abrams, the most valuable sub for the Illini was Myke Henry. Nittany Lions didn’t get a point from their bench.  That’s one reason Patrick Chambers isn’t happy.

OVERALL: Penn State C-, Illinois C

The good news is the NCAA tournament selection committee won’t ask, “Did you dominate Penn State for your 20th victory?” In this case, a win is a win is a win.


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peterborich wrote on February 21, 2013 at 10:02 pm

When it comes to Penn State, we struggle.  Always have it seems, always will.  So, a struggle with a win is all an Illini fan could hope for, and that's what we got .  Let us rejoice and be glad and go get the Wolverines on Sunday.....

aaeismacgychel wrote on February 22, 2013 at 1:02 am

Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh... I'm going to go with maybe a D+ game for Illinois.  I'd also give Penn St. a solid B or B+.  They honestly played about as good as they're capable of.  Illinois, Illinois, Illinois... I just don't know... That was... Well, it was a win... So, yeah.  I would've felt a lot better if we didn't brick so many free throws.  Our defense was pretty solid throughout though, so that was good to see.  In any case, whenever we pla Penn State in inclement weather things seem to go quite poorly for us, so I'll take the win, but we sure ain't gonna win many games playing like we did today.  Very lucky we were playing Penn State instead of Nebraska tonight, because I think Nebraska would've had a decent shot at knocking us off.  20 wins though!  And I think we are probably just 1 win away from locking up a tourney bid including BTT.  2 wins  and definite lock.  GO ILLINI and let's give Michigan a game Sunday!