Asmussen's media guide to Selection Sunday

Asmussen's media guide to Selection Sunday

Looking for some advice to help you fill out your NCAA brackets? TV provides you all sorts of viewing options Sunday, as staff writer BOB ASMUSSEN points out:

Bracketology, 2 p.m., ESPN
The last time you will care what Joe Lunardi has to say. Starting at 5:01 p.m., he is working on next year’s bracket. He will have all sorts of help in the studio, including an anchor (Chris Cotter) we still are trying to get used to. Dan Dakich (yay), Bruce Pearl (boo) and Seth Greenberg (whatever) will chime in with useful tidbits.

NCAA tournament selection show, 5 p.m., WCIA (CBS)
 Please, show us the field. We don’t need any long talks with Coach X. We don’t need to see the anxious faces of Team Y, which is on the bubble. Just lay out the 68 teams as fast as you can.

Bracketology, 6 p.m., ESPN
The jibber-jabber continues from Bristol ... for two hours. Rece Davis, Jay Bilas, Dick Vitale, Greenberg, Dakich, Bob Knight and Digger Phelps will break down the field. Over and over and over again. They also will give you their picks, which we suggest you ignore when filling out your brackets. Just a hunch they all will like Indiana, Duke and Louisville and they will all be less than supportive of Gonzaga. Andy Katz has learned that Andy Katz will interview selection committee chairman Mike Bobinski.

Big Ten Basketball and Beyond: Selection Sunday special, 6 p.m., BTN
The league’s experts will focus on the teams from their favorite conference, offering predictions on which schools have the best chance to make a long run. In typical BTN fashion, the coverage will mostly be on the positive side. And Jim Jackson will have nice things to say about Wisconsin, even though he went to Ohio State. Of course, his son is a top player for the Badgers.

Infiniti Selection Sunday, 6 p.m., truTV
Right after “Upload with Shaquille O’Neal” and right before “Bluegrass Kingdom,” Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and former Kentucky standout Rex Chapman will join Ernie Johnson in Atlanta to discuss non-NBA basketball. Though Barkley is much better known for his work in pro basketball, “The Jumping Safe” has an opinion on everything. And isn’t shy about sharing. Enjoy.

NIT selection show, 8 p.m., ESPNU
What will become of Iowa? Here is your chance to find out. Have to admit, we have no idea who won last year’s NIT. But ESPN will play it up big. Mostly because it doesn’t have a piece of the real tournament.