MJ in Austin: I could just stay here

MJ in Austin: I could just stay here


Today was another long day spent inside the Erwin Center. I wasn’t mad about it. I got to watch a bunch of basketball and was able to escape the Texas heat and humidity. I actually broke a sweat today walking to the arena at 10 a.m.

Does that upset you all? I hear there’s a snowstorm coming your direction. I might just stay here.

On Thursday night, Sixth Street was really hopping. The police blocked off about five blocks of the main Austin drag to allow folks to walk freely in the road. Think Bourbon Street without smelling urine and other bodily fluids.

I did see former Texas running back Cedric Benson walking around. The former Bears first-round pick is really short in person, but I would never tell him that to his face.

He’s got a history of getting in trouble with law enforcement here in Travis County, though I haven’t read anything in the papers or on the Internet about him. So I’m assuming he stayed out of trouble. The weekend is still young, though.

The Austin Illini Club put together a function for Illinois fans at a local bar called Chicago House — of course. From photos I saw postgame, there was quite the turnout, and Illinois fans are excited to spend more time in this wonderful city.

Stay warm.