Coming attraction: Jaylon Tate

Coming attraction: Jaylon Tate

We tracked down 10 high-profile recruits headed to Illinois in 2013. No. 3 is ...

Jaylon Tate, men’s basketball, Chicago Simeon

What am I going to miss the most about Chicago? Just being around most of my friends and going to high school every day, but I’m getting ready for the next chapter and the experiences I’ll have at Illinois.

What am I going to love the most about Illinois? Coming to my home-state school, it feels like home when I am there.

People say I look like ... Chris Brown. They tell me we got the same smile.

People say I play like ... Rajon Rondo. They say I pass like him.

What’s going to make Illinois fans chant, “Jaylon, Jaylon?” Whatever it takes for the team to win. Maybe throwing an alley-oop or hitting a three at a clutch time can help out.

What am I doing in one year? Getting ready for my sophomore year and wanting to get better.

In five years? Hopefully playing in the NBA or overseas. If that doesn’t work out, I plan on being a sports agent.

In 25 years? Hopefully still in the sports industry doing something related to sports and settled down with a family.

At Illinois, I’m going to wear ... No. 1. That’s the number I grew up wearing.

You might not know that I ... like to watch “SpongeBob SquarePants.” My ex-girlfriend used to always have me watch it, and I just started liking it.