Are Illini after JaQuan Lyle, too?

Are Illini after JaQuan Lyle, too?


Dave Wischnowsky ‏(@wischlist) tweeted the following Tuesday: "Per his prep school coach, Illinois visited Jaquan Lyle this week? Well, that's certainly interesting."

Ask college basketball beat writer Marcus Jackson is that's true, and about Cliff Alexander's final six teams, which include Illinois. Submit questions here:

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allillini wrote on September 25, 2013 at 1:09 pm

Hello Marcus  Is it true that we are still showing an interest in Jaquan Lyle? That doe s not have the same good feeling that it had before he took us off his finals list. I realize that it would probably enhance our chances with Cliff, but what effect would it have on all the rest of the great recruits we have gotten already. I would sure hate to see a fantastic attitude we already have with the new recruits sour on a decision like this. How do you see it all turning out. Thanks

Andy wrote on September 25, 2013 at 1:09 pm

No, they were supposebly watching one of his what ive heard?

ERE wrote on September 25, 2013 at 2:09 pm
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Let's not kid ourselves-we don't really know anything about Jaquan as a person just off following his recruitment on the internet.

That being said, it looks like Quentin is the more stellar of the two and I agree-why stir things up? Both of our recent recruits changed previous commitments. These are 18 year olds and yes they have the right and the ability to change their mind. 

I am not sure that having Alexander for just a year would make it worthwhile taking Jaquan, making the current players uneasy etc.

Listen to SportsTalk from this Sat-classic outstanding Groce-isms beginnging about 1:16 into the segment. He makes the point REPEATEDLY that the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is THE PLAYERS ALREADY ON THE TEAM OR ALREADY COMMITTED.

I also LOVE his comment that ATTITUDE, EFFORT, and WORK ETHIC are the 3 things you can control and there are many others you cannot. Got to use that one on myself. Expect a future Groce book, a la Dungy. 

This program is on a roll and strong ascent with or without Cliff. Yes, he is awesome and would be just spectacular as an ILLINI. But we will be great without him as well. Future recruits could include Prince Ali, Charles Matthews, etc.

And I am getting really excited about our upcoming seasons with the great group on the team NOW. They have just the coaching staff to give them the guidance to come together as an overachieving ILLINI squad.

And by the way...anybody else love Loren's new positive attitude?? Holy Cow. I'll admit not following the ILLINI as much when they sucked over the past 3 years, so may have not given the guy a break, but his coverage has just gotten so much more refreshing this fall. I think having the strong young M&Ms coworkers (Marcus and Matt) around helps as well. Did Loren know what was meant the other night at Esquire by "Got 99 problems but a coach ain't one"??! That was EPIC



UIGRAD03 wrote on September 26, 2013 at 1:09 pm

Reading ERE's comment, I couldn't help but think of a caller I heard of WDWS call in show shortly after Bruce Weber's firing.  I believe his name may have been Dave or David, and I believe he said he was a professor at the UI.  I hope he reads this as well.


Anyways, this caller was ceaselessly whining about "who does this Mike Thomas think he is, storming in here and firing such a Great Man and a Tireless Ambassador to the University, and a Brilliant Basketball Mind?  Who could Mike Thomas possibly find that would be an upgrade that would come to the University of Illinois?"  The caller was Quite Concerned that this cold hearted Mike Thomas character was going to get a rude awakening and realize that he couldn't do any better than what he already had.  


He went on to explain how unfair it is to fire these coaches so quickly (6 bad years weren't enough?) and that we fans are instant gratification, and that Mike Thomas was making a Huge Mistake and would be Very Very Sorry for what he did.  


Dave or David, if you're reading this, I hope you realize that:  


A) you were horribly wrong--Bruce Weber was not good enough to coach at the UI any longer, and Mike Thomas found a great replacement who doesn't throw the fans, UI, and players under the bus to deflect blame from himself.  He is a winner, not a whiner like you and your hero, Bruce.  He has brought more talent to Champaign in 18 months than Bruce brought in his first 5 years.  Instead of being confused and frozen by paralysis as so many kids were under Weber, the kids play with heart and fire without being overcoached.  These guys would run through a brick wall for John Groce.  He instills confidence and belief in these young talents, and it shows on the court.  Weber bled them of their confidence and moxy as quickly as he possibly could.  (Break them down to build them back up BS)

B) Your small-minded embrace of mediocrity for fear of possibly being worse is the typical mindset of so many of the academics at UI, Illinois state politicians, and other people that shape the minds of our young people.  Like so many of the WFF brigade (Weber Fan FIrst) you were so focused on a bright spot in the past that you were blinded by the darkness of today and tomorrow.  Worse, you elevated an incompetent boob above the University and it's basketball program by claiming he was the best the school could do and that we were destined for a fall without his expert guidance.  


If, in your mind, the best that your employer--the UI--could hope to have as a basketball coach was Bruce Weber, a coach who couldn't even achieve a .500 record in the Big Ten once Bill Self's kids were gone, what does that say about the quality of professors the university can attract?  If the median for reasoning and logic amongst educators at the UI is as low as yours, we are deep trouble indeed.